Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tribal Art Show, Teachers Choreography

Tribal Art produly presents the wondeful choreography created by Anasma, Alexis Souhtall, Kami Liddle, Idhun, Manca Pavli,Piny Orchidaceae, Samantha Emanuel & Tjarda, thanks for such a wonderful gift.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tribal Art Festival 2015

Tribal Art would like to thank everyone who came to the festival for their support in the workshops,shows & activities and for the wonderful feedbacks and messages, you give us energy for the next edition. And thanks to our wonderful teacher´s team  who give the 150% in their workshops and in a magical & unique show.

We are working on the second edition, to be held from March, 30th to April, 5th, 2015. So mark the dates in your calendar. Soon all the info about the amazing cast of teachers we are working on.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 Dear Dancers,
Here you have a useful document where you will find planning with all the festival activities, maps and timings. You can download it in pdf format here.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Body by Anasma

The body is an orchestra ... It is wise and complex, graceful and harmonious, combining proficiently all the instruments under the agile directions of the conductor... Each musician is in charge of playing his instrument autonomously and yet he listens to the other instruments. All together, as One, they create and co-create one whole, one unit, one ensemble with the same tempo, the same breath. Their rhythms, theme might vary, different, complement each other, but in the end, they are together. 

The body : a divine creation with networks and systems that complement each other. Many organs keep working beyond our conscious control. Our heart beats without our brains sending a signal. We breath without thinking about it. More than we imagine, it is tuned to the cycles of the Universe,  the times of the day and night, cycles of the sun, the moon, the tides, the seasons...

Other body parts, we can pay attention too, focus on and develop an awareness for, and even sometimes learn to control. Getting of sense of where our weight is, how is our back aligned, if our limbs are extended fully, how much muscle power or release we can apply to movement... 

The beauty of this body we are given in this life is that is enables a connection to GOD, it is a pathway to him and a proof that we are an extension of His grand vision and creations. Throw the body, we can reach GOD, we can reach ourselves, behind the Ego, we can create, procreate. We can live, we can feel, we can touch, we can see, appreciate the simple things of life... 

In a way, as dancers, we have the chance to know our bodies, its needs, explore our limits, develop our body awareness further maybe than non-dancers... to be closer to God. 
As dancers, we learn to push the limits of the self, to be stronger technically in our art but also as people, with strong minds and strong will. 

On other side, with the years,  of growing, of learning and always pushing myself, I start to discover and enjoy the nothingness, the need to not do what I love the most for too much of what I love can also be unhealthy at times. I need to just come back to my body and its needs, instead of listening to my voluntary head that pulls my body like a locomotive. Let go... of the control. Let go of the ambition to always improve and powerful will... Just be, just stay in place... balanced. Not reaching forward constantly. 

Come back to the body instead of staying up in the brain... 

Our bodies, a precious jewel, an ephemeral tresor that can be taken away from us sooner than we wanted... A fragile envelope that can get hurt and that we need to cherish and take care of... Let the body rest, eat properly, stay calm and peaceful. Never take it for granted. Good health is such a gift.

The body speaks, expresses itself sometimes beyond our mind's controls with its own intelligent language, posture. It is the envelope of the soul we cannot see but feel. It shows our emotions. It remembers events our minds may have forgotten. It has a powerful memory. 

The body also changes each day, learns , unlearns, forgets, discovers strengths within. It is not a constant easy flow. It has its ups and downs, like a bumpy road, with speeding zones and zones to slow down  as winter hibernations, and we need to look around and look after passenbys...

We are never done learning, discovering. Enjoy the journey, remember to take pleasure. Be grateful to what you've been given. Be creative with it and methodical too. BALANCE. CONNECT.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Open Stage  & Tribal Art Show.
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 Abril 19, 22:00

Sala Calassanç
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ecstatic Dance- Interview with Albert Pala

We interviewed Albert Pala, Dj & facilitator of the Ecstatic Dance session that will be held o Thusrday, 17th during the Tribal Art Festival, teachers and students will participate on it.
As you may know, each year we offer workshops in different styles and disciplines to enrich the Tribal Fusion, having a close relationship with the festival theme and offer an different pont of view of the Dance.This edition and with full connection to the main festival subject " THE BODY" , Ecsatatic Dance opens a door into a new world,the expression to the body without using a verbal language. A muscial journey throuhg different  styles and rhythms where no destination and luggage in needeed, just enjoy the journey.

¿Where Ecstatic Dance were born?
 Ecstatic Dance worn in Big Island (Hawai). Under the inspiration of a Gabrielle Roht´s 5 Rythms faciliatator, who was in contact with shamanic traditional hawaian dances. 

Ecstatic is not a dance "style" but how would you define it?
 Ecstatic Dance is not a class or technique, is an space where you can develope your creativity without any judgement of others or without someone telling you how to dance or move.. Just guided by the music, and with the only rule of not talking,participants reach amazing  states of creativity and spontaneity, It is also a space where each one is free to express emotions trought movement,

¿Wich are the benefites for dancers and people without dance experience as well? ¿ WIch are the most significant changes that you find among the dancers who regulary attend to your sessions?
The benefits are multiple, but offten subjective, it would be difficult to list them.Althought, if I have to list some of them they would be related to trascend the shame, shyness and the fear to do it worng.Or realize that creativity is born of the state One of the most siginificant changes is the ability of dance with any kind of music. And the ease of sharing the dance, game and acting is also shown very offten, And the most surprising is that all of these changes are also reflected in everyday life.

¿What does meand Ecstatic for you and how it has  influenced in your life and your way of understanding music and movement?
To me it means freedom and ability to be yourself  in every movement of the session ,regardless of the music being played. To my life has brought creativity, surprise, freedom and enjoyment.Professionaly I have found an union between a night Dj and the creative body expression.

¿How do you think we live our bodies in our society?
I think there are many constraints related to the image, to " what people will say" or "what they think" about us.
There is much fear about physical contact,about being rejected by the society or being called "crazy".
All this make us to live encased in an attempt to shown only what is socially acccepted,wich I think is a vain attempt to be what we are not.

¿And the dancers?o You,as an spectactor, do you think that they really ENJOY of their dance,or that there  is much concern about technical perfection and no room for joy?
 If you are talking about Ecstatic Dance dancers, they enjoy the dance, and it is shown in many ways such as the relationship with the other, the game, the laugh, the physical contact,
SI f your are talking about dancers, in general, I think that many dances are focused to succeded, to be applauded, be good or do it well and I think there is only a little enjoyment  and is more related to selfimage and aesthetics.

Book your spot  HERE
                                     Special Offer  15€ during 15 days
                                      till  friday  11/04/14  only  10 spots

If you want to know more about Ecstatic Dance visit:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Don't miss it ! TJARDA * IDHUN * ANASMA * MANCA

New Offers every week
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TRIBAL ART FESTIVAL                             Offers available until 03/31/2014
    WORKSHOPS AT CRAZY PRICES                              EVERY WEEK


             saturday April, 19th 17:15-19:15                        TJARDA + IDHUN

A workshop full of emotion & creativity, that will break with any preconceived idea and will help you to open yor mind and heart. Two teachers who stand out for her innovative vision of the dance who will give you new ways of expression 
OFFER until 03/31    Before 46,50€   

                     NOW 31,50€     

Only 4 spots available at this price



   thursday, april, 17th 15:00-17:00                     


“Hit it! A Belly dancer’s guide to pop, lock and drop!” Live on the edge and move trough your music with sharp locks, contrasting pops and crazy drops! The workshop will start with conditioning exercises that will show you a way to get strong muscle contractions and perfect control in your isolations, including exercises for your lower abdominals and other muscle groups that are hard to find and keep fit. We will search for true quality in movements and focus on the importance of clean isolations and adding fire to your dance! We will put the isolations into sequences and put those together into combinations that are perfect for your drum solo performance or technically challenging music. 

OFFER until 03/31   Before 36,50€   

                     NOW 26,50€     

Only 4 spots available at this price



    friday, april, 18th 15:00-17:00                         ANASMA

“The cycles of life”  What do you believe in and what do you think most in your everyday life: « Life is beautiful » or « Life is a bitch and then you die»? Exploring the ups and downs of life, the different phases and ages, we will travel through time to heal and create. We will borrow from the emotional roller coaster of the everyday life, to create dynamic emotional arcs and coherent emotional developments in our performances. We will travel through time incarnating different stages of life: from childhood to teenage years, growing through adulthood and getting older, exploring the different phases of life dance.
OFFER until 03/31   Before 36,50€   

                     NOW 26,50€     

Only 4 spots available at this price